Caruso Cabinet, Amplified by Check Up®

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Designed by Paolo Capello for Miniforms, the Caruso cabinet invites you to sit down, take a break and see a beautifully designed piece of furniture that can play music. This  futuristic concept offers a nostalgic take on old record players by combining design with hi-tech living for a multi-sensory décor.

Caruso is equipped with a 50 Watt Hi-Fi system. Just one single speaker loud as you need: immersive basses that massage the ears and rich highs. You can connect any device with built-in Bluetooth to Caruso. Switch it on and connect to "Miniforms Audio". Then play the music.

FINISHES: Custom finishes are available for both cabinet and speaker 

DIMENSIONS: Contact the Oggetti sales team for options 

AVAILABILITY: Determined by specifications

For more information and customization email us at: augusto@oggetti.com

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