PORIFERA (Vase)

    The texture, inspired by corals, is a hymn to the beauty of marine world, astonishing for the exotic shapes of its creatures. Decorated with a myriad of tiny mouths, it’s...

    SPOROS (Vase)

    The particular elliptical shape and textured surface resembling hammering, are the result of a meticulous study on the microscopic magnification of a seed. The careful and accurate preparation of the...

    FOSSILIA Moon Stone Vase

    A dense minute texture, referring to fossils of madrepores, acts as a skeleton for vases, bowls and bottles. Biscuit porcelain objects with a refined design interacting with gold and platinum....

    ANTHOZOA Coral Vase

    Handmade in Italy by FOS CERAMICHE, the ANTHOZOA (Coral Vase) is inspired by how animals simulate flowers, tickled by the light flow of the water. This collection of unique biscuit...

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