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A lot of people want to make their homes stand out. They want guests to come over and be amazed by the style and luxury their house offers. However, doing this isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish. Many times even if you’re shopping for more expensive pieces you end up at the same store as a number of other people trying to achieve the same goal. This is why you need to think outside of the box, and if you’re in the Miami area, Oggetti Designs is precisely what you need. They have become the provider of high-end furniture Miami locals trust. With their handcrafted designs they can help you obtain luxurious furniture no one else will have!


Since 1975 Oggetti Designs has been a leading provider of luxury furniture. Every piece that comes out of this company is hand made, which makes it unique. Having this done for your home eliminates the chance that you will see the same furniture in a friend's home! All of the materials used to create these pieces are brought in from either Europe or the Philippines ensuring that the wood utilized is of the highest quality and can’t be replicated. Not only does this designer offer amazing furniture options for your home, but there are lighting and accessories options that are just as special!

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not handmade furniture is the right decision for you, that’s understandable. Buying from a specialized designer comes with its perks, but there are also some things that make you think twice, like the price of the items. However, there are some reasons you should overlook this concern and make the investment into your home.

  • Endless Options: When it comes to mass-produced furniture options are often limited. Sure there may be one or two different colors available, but that’s not enough. On the other hand, with handcrafted furniture, you have endless options ranging from fabric to leg styles. Every inch of the design is up to your unique style. 
  • Fueling Passion: When you decide to buy from a handmade designer rather than a massive corporation you are encouraging and contributing to that designer’s passion. You know it’s not being made in a factory across seas somewhere it is being crafted from scratch with love and attention.
  • Quality Over Quantity: There is no arguing that mass-produced products are definitely more convenient to buy than handmade however the quality in that furniture is lacking. Due to the extensive process that big corporations use to create their items quality is often times lost in the creation. However, a local designer is more deliberate in their creating and in each piece of furniture they produce. From the smallest stitch to the larger items, there is not a single detail a local craftsman will overlook.

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