About Oggetti

Robert and Nancy Frehling began Oggetti over forty years ago and have been working in the home furnishings industry ever since. They first began as retailers, owning a group of tabletop and gift stores, and soon after branched into importing and wholesale. The Oggetti line first focused on accessories but soon expanded to include sculpture, furniture and then lighting. Their son Gregory joined the firm over ten years ago and has since taken over the Miami showroom, moving it to a beautifully curated spot showcasing the excellence of Oggetti’s design. He also is involved in all aspects of the buying, creating and managing of the Oggetti brand.

All of the Frehlings are constantly on the go, traveling to many parts of the globe to source their unusual collections. Most of the Oggetti furniture collection is made in the Philippines and Italy. The lighting is primarily Italian. The glass is from Poland, Italy and wherever great objects are found. The pieces are a collaboration between top designers and the Frehlings, whose good taste and understanding of the marketplace drive the company. The newest introductions show a simplicity harkening back to both the family’s love of modernism and their commitment to the future.